1. Thirty plus years of combined experience prioritizing a comprehensive approach to venous disease

RVC is the only known vein service in Greater Richmond dedicated solely to the comprehensive treatment of lower extremity venous disease. Our providers scope of practice includes performing venous ultrasounds, venous insufficiency intervention, and cosmetic sclerotherapy, as well as, coordination and care for lymphedema, lipedema and venous stasis ulcers.

2. Microphlebectomy Mastery

At RVC, we do not compromise quality results. Microphlebectomies are a main component of our treatment regimen and critical to successful outcomes – cosmetically and therapeutically. The alternative treatment option of chemical injections is complicated by discoloration and tenderness. Other vein services have abandoned microphlebectomies in favor of higher reimbursing, less labor-intensive chemical injections for varicose veins.

3. Condensed Treatment Plans

At RVC, our goal is to complete treatment in as few visits as possible. Many vein services maximize revenue streams by having patients return for numerous, individual treatment sessions. Combining multiple treatment methodologies into one procedure day accommodates the busy lifestyles of many of our patients. Endovenous ablations, phlebectomy and sclerotherapy are often performed on the same day and without sedation.

4. Provider Performed Ultrasounds

All RVC providers are credentialed ultrasound technicians. Preoperative ultrasounds performed by the provider allow for a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s anatomy.

Many vein practitioners utilize preoperative ultrasound reports performed by ultrasound technicians to formulate a treatment plan. At RVC, we believe a practitioner who combines clinical presentation and procedural experience during the ultrasound examination will develop the most accurate and thorough treatment plan.