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Joseph R.I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for working with me during my treatment. I have been suffering with the hereditary condition of varicose veins since I was a teenager. I have been through the aches, pains, cramps, and ulcers of what is associated with varicose veins. I had a stripping procedure done in my early 20's and was not looking forward to another painful experience such as that. The VNUS® Closure® and Microphlebectomy procedures were near painless. I was back to work the same day with all the treatments.
You and your staff need to be commended for the support you gave me. You took the time to work with my insurance company when another would not, and did an outstanding job. I am getting back to a normal life. Which is rather active with 3 children. I know that this condition will be ongoing for the rest of my life and do not look forward to having other procedures, but at least I can find comfort in the fact that I have found such a fine doctor and staff to help me through this.
Joseph R.

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent care and service every time I have come to your office. You are such a kind person, a joy to talk to and a wonderful doctor. After you visited me in the hospital, I told my husband, "That is the best doctor i have ever had!" Thank you again for all that you have done thus far...
Stacey D.

Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism during my recent few months completing the VNUS Closure and other procedures. I sincerely appreciate your accommodating my schedule and taking the time to thoroughly explain the surgical process. Thanks to you, the legs are much improved!
You are a class act.
Dick M.

I felt that before, during and after the procedure that Dr. Gould, his assistant Christopher Cox and Christina explained what was involved thoroughly and gave me time to ask questions. I felt they were very attentive to how I was feeling during the procedure. They did not rush me into making any decisions. I feel this group of people is a very caring group of medical professionals. They are very courteous not only to me but to each other. I have already spoken to others about the care I received and recommend Dr. Gould and his staff.
P.S. I watched a presentation by Dr. Gould on the internet before I made an office visit. I felt it was very helpful for me to see and hear him and have some understanding of what I might be going through. It helped me to know what to ask about the procedure when I made an office visit.
Susie C.

Pat R.I am so impressed with you and your staff! From my first visit, I was amazed that you were so nice. You are a contradiction to the notion that all surgeons are cold and unfeeling. I really like the way you take extra care to be sure your patient understands her problem and what you plan to do to fix it.
Both Trish and Keisha seem to really know their stuff, and they never lose patience with the many questions!
The care you gave my daughter, Karen, with her ordeal was wonderful. She had been brushed off by several doctors before coming to you. She really needed to have a doctor to show he cared about her concerns, and you did that!
I promise to "sing your praises" to anyone who'll listen! Thanks for being what you are!
Pat R.

These are just some treats for your office to thank you for being an especially kind and caring doctor and staff at The Richmond Vein Center. I appreciate your understanding and caring that helped me have the VNUS Closure Procedure for my venous skin ulcers which have been so painful.
(Little wounds but they sure can hurt---like a burning cigarette or cigar held on to the skin!) I guess you can tell why I'm so grateful. Thank you all so much.
Andrea L.

For fifteen years, I suffered with severe varicose veins and the symptoms that accompany them. My calf with the varicose veins was swollen twice the size of the unaffected calf. It ached continuously and cramped at night. The discolored veins on the swollen calf caused me to feel uncomfortable about exposing my legs; therefore, it prevented me from wearing dresses and shorts. My athletic activities were limited because of the intense pain and discomfort I experienced, daily. Dr. Gould restored my health and athletic lifestyle after he performed the Closure Procedure. The night after the procedure, my leg cramps stopped. The daily pain and swelling decreased markedly until both were nonexistent. Now, I can participate in any sport I choose without the pain or discomfort I experienced for so many years. I jog three miles daily and lift weights. My quality of life has been restored because of the Closure Procedure performed by Dr. Gould and the professional staff at Richmond Vein Center.
In addition to great health, I look forward to wearing a dress at my daughter's upcoming wedding!
Dorothy S.

I just wanted to thank everyone in your office for your friendly service and effective treatment. Each person there was most pleasant to deal with, and I am truly happy with my results.
The injections seemed to do the trick, as the veins have completely disappeared. I had no problem with discomfort at all, and the bruising was gone by the end of week two. I am 100% satisfied with the results. The specialist had me book another appointment for more "finish up." I really do not think that they are necessary at this time.
Again, I thank you all for your courteous service and "the magic of your work." I will be sure to recommend you to anyone in need of such services.
Wendy D.

I was a little nervous when I just decided to do something about the veins in my leg. However, I immediately felt at ease upon entering Dr. Gould's office at The Richmond Vein Center. I knew right away that Dr. Gould and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Dr. Gould was able to explain to me very clearly the details of both the problem and the solution.
I had been living with my varicose veins since I was a teenager. I have always loved warm weather, but was extremely self-conscience about wearing shorts as invariably someone would ask about my leg. It was a terrible eye sore and source of embarrassment.
After the procedure, my leg looks and has the shape of my other (healthy) leg, just as Dr. Gould had assured me during my initial consultation. I have a renewed confidence and am excited to wear shorts again and show off my new leg.
Mason S.

Carol E.As a patient of Dr. Gould's, I can fully attest to the service and treatment he offers at The Richmond Vein Center. He and his staff are not only highly skilled and efficient, but extremely thorough, caring and friendly. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone seeking relief from variocose veins.
As a Veterinarian with a busy schedule, I am continuously on my feet most days for 10 hours or more. Suffering with varicose veins was dragging me down and sapping my energy and strength. Despite all my efforts, I could not get relief from this discomfort. I sought out Dr. Gould for advice and treatment of this condition. He was able to recommend and provide a VNUS® Closure® procedure that worked wonders for me.
Not only did Dr. Gould have the knowledge and technique to perform this procedure, he was patient and thorough in answering all my questions about the procedure. The Closure® procedure was fast and painless! Not only did did I have immediate relief, I was able to return to work the next day with no complications. Since having this procedure, I am much more comfortable, and have far more energy. I am very grateful to Dr. Gould and his staff for the wonderful treatment I received.
Carol E.

After suffering for over ten years with clotting issues in my right leg, I recently had a major change in my life. Over the years I experienced swelling, soreness in my calf and foot, ulcers on ankles that would not heal and continual pain. Five weeks ago, Dr. Charles Gould of The Richmond Vein Center performed a vein closure procedure on my leg. Following this procedure, I started to see immediate improvements in my leg. The ulcers on my leg almost healed immediately. After suffering for all these years and now at 56 years old, I feel like I am a young man again.
Dr. Gould treats every patient like you are the only one he has. His passion and caring for his patents is very refreshing in today's busy world. He treats you like you are his friend. In addition, his staff is committed to caring for his patients with the same concerned passion. I highly recommend Dr. Gould and this procedure for anyone who is having circulation issues in their legs and wants to change their lives.
Russell R.

I had been suffering from aches and pains in my legs for almost 8 years when a friend suggested I see Dr. Gould at The Richmond Vein Center.  Dr. Gould and his staff were so professional and caring!  Finally, after a painless procedure I can now stand on my feet again without any pain and be active again.
Donna T.

From the moment I met Dr. Gould I knew I was in the right place.  Dr. Gould helped me understand which procedure would provide the best outcome.  Thanks to Dr. Gould my legs look great.
Marianne S.

For years I suffered from unsightly and painful varicose veins.  Then I met with Dr. Gould.  Dr. Gould’s friendly, professional manner put me at ease and after a minor procedure, with very little downtime, my problem was completely corrected.
Marie M.

I was referred to Dr. Charles Gould by a local dermatologist who noted a very superficial vein in my left leg that she felt was a concern.  I met with Dr. Gould and expressed to him that I have had problems with circulation in my left leg with worsening varicose vein, swelling and occasional tenderness in my calf and ankle area and a “heavy” feeling.  He performed the VNUS® Closure® procedure on my left leg on October 19, 2006.  Immediately following the procedure, even before leaving the office, the varicose veins were no longer visible.  Within 3 days the swelling, tenderness and heavy feeling were no longer present.  I experienced very little discomfort during and following the procedure.  I was able to resume my daily 5 mile jog 24 hours following the procedure.  After worsening symptoms and suffering over the past 5 years, this surgery was absolutely amazing with amazing results!
Dr. Gould is one of a kind!  Being a health care professional myself; his passion, caring and commitment to his patients is rated among the best.  His entire staff is also very compassionate and committed to providing the best patient care service.  I would highly recommend Dr. Gould and the VNUS® Closure® procedure for anyone who is suffering from circulation problems in their legs and want to improve their quality of life.
Trish W.